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What precautions will you be taking as a result of the Corona-Virus?

All initial consultations will take place via Zoom or over the telephone. I will wear a face covering in the pet's home when other people are present, and social distancing will be maintained. A high level of hygiene will be applied to prevent cross infection, and my own leads will be used when walking your dog. Your pet's fur will also be sanitized prior to my departure. 

What experience do you have?

I have owned or looked after a variety of animals over the years including cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, etc. I love pets and with the experience I have, I am very confident and happy around all types of animals.

Isn’t using a pet-sitting service a lot more expensive?
No – If you have multiple animals it will probably cost less! A pet-sitter will also provide a higher quality of care for your pet when you are away. If you want your pet to be safe, happy and content, it may cost a little bit more, but it will reduce anxiety and stress for your pet by staying in a familiar environment. The best way to judge what’s best for your pet is to give me a call and I will be happy to talk it through with you.

What are the benefits of using a pet sitting business?

Pet sitting is ideal for pet parents who want their pets to stay at home while they are away on business/ holiday. Animals tend to be creatures of habit who like to be in a familiar environment, so a pet sitter is a great alternative to a traditional cattery or kennels. Animals feel more secure if they stay at home as they feel safe when surrounded by familiar sights, sounds, and smells.

Your pet will continue to get their regular exercise and keep to their usual diet and routine. I can ensure your pet receives their normal pet care practice that they would have received from you. I can provide your pet with fresh water, food, and give them attention/playtime. There is also the added benefit of extra security for your home, as someone will be checking in daily or more often.

By staying at home your pet won’t be exposed to cattery or kennel diseases, other animals, or parasites (the feline coronavirus is particularly prevalent in multi-cat environments).

Someone responsible will be monitoring your pet so in the unfortunate event of an emergency, medical advice can be sought quickly.

The RSPCA advises pet owners to leave pets at home rather than transporting them, as they find the travel stressful.

What’s the main difference your pet sitting service provides?
I provide personal care and trust and will look after your pet as you would yourself. I offer a bespoke and professional service with great customer care. You are leaving your pet and I am sure you want them to be happy whilst you are away. I receive excellent feedback from my customers who agree that pet sitting is a good solution.

Can you provide pet sitting/look after my pet whilst I'm away on business/holiday?
Just give me a call or drop me an email and I will be happy to discuss the options.

How can I decide if you are right for my pet?
I offer a friendly virtual or telephone, no-obligation chat to identify if my services meet your needs. This is followed by a no-obligation initial meeting to understand your pet’s personality and needs. 
I think it's important where possible, that I meet the owners and their pets in their own homes; during this time I can discuss my services and answer any questions you may have. 

If you are looking for a dog walking service I will visit you at your home to meet you and your pet in order to complete an initial assessment. I sometimes arrange a trial walk with the dog/ and their owner in order to ensure both parties are happy.

I feel it important to continuously assess and review your pet's needs in consultation with you, and your feedback is always welcomed to help develop and improve my service further.  

What professional insurances do you hold?
My business is a professional organisation and I hold Pet Business Insurance. I hold an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service certificate (DBS). These are available to view during the initial meeting.

Are you able to let me know how my pet is whilst I’m away?
Yes - I will text or email you pictures and provide you with updates to confirm everything is well.

What happens if my return home is delayed?
Just let me know as soon as possible and I will make all the necessary arrangements to continue to care for your pet.

What happens if my pet falls ill or sustains an injury whilst I'm away? What is your Pet Emergency Policy?
My first priority is always for the welfare of your pet and I will take whatever action is required to ensure their well-being.

Mobile Pet Care Services has full Pet Business Insurance. However, no responsibility can be taken for any pet which dies of natural causes whilst in my care.

Are you able to administer medication to my pets?
Yes, I am happy to administer medication, provided I have your written permission and full instructions.

Do you walk dogs in all weather?

Yes, regular exercise is vital for your dog's well being. The exception is bad weather which could present a risk to me as well as the safety of your dog.

Do you allow dogs off the lead?

Only with the permission and written consent from the pet owner and if I am confident with the dog's recall. 

What laws do I need to be aware of as a dog owner?

Under the Control of Dogs Order 1992, it is a legal requirement in a public place for a dog to wear identification (usually via a dog tag, inscribed on the collar or other identification) displaying the name and address of their owner. Any owner allowing their dog to be in a public place without this information is in breach of the law under the Animal Health Act of 1981.

Microchipping of Dogs Regulations 2016 - As of April 2016, the Microchipping of Dogs Regulations came into effect, all dogs over the age of eight weeks must be microchipped. Under this law, owners are required to ensure that microchip details are kept up to date.

What happens after my dogs walk?

When the walk is finished and before your dog is returned to their home I will make sure their coat and paws are toweled down and there is plenty of freshwater to drink prior to leaving your home.  

Does my pet need to be fully vaccinated and vet registered?

Yes, I can only take on pets that are vet registered. I request that you record your vet's details on a veterinary release form as well as an emergency contact number in the unlikely event there is a medical problem. I require all vaccinations to be up to date (with the exception of puppy home visits).

How do you transport my dog?

I feel dogs can be distressed at being placed in crates so therefore your dog will be fully harnessed and secured within my car. 

How are charges calculated?

Charges are per visit/pet per day at the price indicated at the time of your booking being confirmed.

All food and Litter, etc., must be provided by the pet owner. If it is necessary for further food/supplies to be obtained for your pet/s then full reimbursement will be required upon the pet owner's return or alternatively a cash advance can be provided.

In the unlikely event that your pet becomes ill or sustains an injury whilst in my care, the owner will be required to pay all veterinary fees. Please refer to my services and charges page for additional charges. If extra visits are required following a vet's consultation, these will be charged accordingly.     

If in the event I am required to pay the balance of your pet's vet fees prior to their collection, the owner is therefore required to reimburse me in full upon their return home. 

What are Mobile Pet Care Services Payment Policies?

A non-refundable 50% deposit of the payment total will be required upon confirmation of the booking with Mobile Pet Care Services. Full payment must be made prior to the beginning of any services scheduled; unless otherwise agreed.


What are Mobile Pet Care Services cancellation policies?

I understand that plans can change, but in order to compensate me for lost revenue from turning away other business to honor your booking, it is, therefore, necessary to enforce the following cancellation policy terms:

If less than a 24 hour notice period is given, then the full charge is payable. 

If less than 48 hours notice period for cancellation is given, then half of the remaining balance is payable. 

Overnight pet sitting bookings: A non-refundable 50% deposit of the payment total will be required upon confirmation of the booking. If bookings are canceled with at least 2-weeks notice the remaining balance will not be required. If bookings are cancelled with less than 2-weeks notice, the total balance will be payable.                       


What security precautions do you take when looking after the customer's home?

Whilst I will follow all instructions and take the greatest of care with regards to the security of your home, Mobile Pet Care Services will not be liable for any forced entry to the owner's premises whilst they are away.

It is preferred that a house key be provided to me on signing agreement paperwork or prior to the first service being provided. I will retain your key and ensure that this is stored securely at all times; please note that your keys will never be labeled with your address, to ensure that they can not be traced to your home. An additional charge may be incurred if keys need to be collected and returned to you; dependent on locality.

Are you available during Public Holiday dates? 

Please contact me to ask me for my availability during these times. A small surcharge may be applied  during Public Holidays

Public Holidays for 2020 include:

Friday, December 25th, Christmas Day.

Monday, December 28th, Boxing Day (substitute day)



New Year's Day, January 1st

Good Friday, April 2nd

Easter Monday, April 5th

Early May Bank Holiday, May 3rd

Spring Bank Holiday, May 31st

Summer Bank Holiday, August 30th

Christmas Day Holiday (substitute), December 27th

Boxing Day Holiday (substitute day), December 28th

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